Why Divine Treats?

For all your birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings or just because…,
let us make your occasion a divine treat worth remembering!

In the world of cupcakes, your options are as varied as shopping for a lawyer or doctor, where specializing is your key in making a decision.  Divine Treats cupcakes are created from scratch, using the freshest and best ingredients, with exceptional recipes created by the proprietor, Marcia Pope. As such, we have successfully specialized our cakes to meet the dietary needs of our various customers.

D – Diabetic or living a processed sugar-free lifestyle? – Then you must try our delicious sugar free, and or flourless treats.

I – Invested in eating gluten Free? You and your little one can still enjoy a cupcake with the other party guests.

V – Vegetarian/vegan? – We have your eggless cupcakes, removing all animal-sourced ingredients such as milk, butter, and cheese.

I – Indulging your heart and your weight? – We can do a low fat, low calorie cupcake.

N – Never ending creative ideas. We customize cakes for your special occasions.

E – Enthusiast who enjoy creative cupcake mixes? We have a variety of traditional red velvet, chocolate ganache, or holiday favorites such as Eggnog sweet potato pies, Pecan pie, spiced fruitcake, Jamaican fruit cakes, and palate teasers such as cake pops and Banana Crème Bread pudding.

Creating cupcakes is our passion and we are excited to serve you. We deliver in the Metro Atlanta, and surrounding areas of Hampton.

Give us a call at 678-216-7130, or order on line to experience Divine Treats today.