Jamaican Rum Cake/Black Cake

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Portions 4 inch Round Fruit Cake, 6 inch Jamaican Rum/Black Cake, 8 inch Jamaican Rum/Black Cake, 9 inch Jamaican Rum/Black Cake, Full, One Half, One Quarter
5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Jamaican Rum Cake/Black Cake

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Greg on December 31, 2014 :

    I had some of this cake recently and it blew my mind on how moist and delicious it was. I have had a lot of Jamaican fruit cake in the past–being of the island myself–and most of the ones I’ve had gave me heartburn, and were too rich for me to go back for seconds. I had three slices this year, and it’s due to the taste, and ingredients that sets it apart.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Carlene Graham on December 31, 2014 :

    Oh Lordy Lordy Lord!!! Scrumptiously, wickedly delicious and delectable!! Ok, OK. I honestly lost my mind from this tasty cake from Divine Treats. This was even better than my mother’s, and I don’t say so lightly. This cake was moist, not too sweet to be cloying, and addictive. So much so, I hid a third of it from my Christmas guests (Shhhh), so I could indulge later.

    No kidding, this will definitely be on my list of order for Christmas 2015.

    • Rating by Marcia Pope on January 18, 2015 :

      Oh, what a joy to read. I only aim to please. Baking is a joy for me. Baking Jamaican fruit cake takes me back home, Jamaica. Growing up in Montego Bay Jamaica, my mom whom I love dearly did not bake, but, I had two great influences who taught me the art. Mrs Burke, my childhood friend’s mom and Aunt Rhona. Great times spent rubbing the brown sugar and butter, measuring each ingredient properly. Although both persons had different techniques and ways of baking our Christmas cake, they were both wonderful to eat. So I have used what I learned from them and created my own cake. I am glad you enjoyed.

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